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    My house was made in 2003. I keep getting a bad sewer smell from my shower and my tub. What could be causing this? How do I fix this?


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    Smelly drains can be caused by a number of factors: a) there is always a "P" trap, an "S" trap or a "Drum" trap with a little water in it in each of these drains to prevent sewer gases from backing up from the main sewer; if the vent system is inadequate, or clogged, enough air can't get into the drain & the trap water will be pulled out of the trap, allowing smelly gases to enter the bathroom.

    b) sometimes it's not the bath/shower drain at all, but the MAIN DRAIN that has stopped up; c) sometimes the drum trap or other trap is clogged & has to be cleaned; there is a screw-off cover to all these traps; hair getting down the bath/shower/vanity drains is the bugaboo of all bathroom drains; it clumps into a gooey mass, decomposes & smells & it is notorious for clogging bathroom drains.

    For further discussion & tons of other possibilities, Google "smelly shower drain" to get numerous variations.

    Also Google "bathroom drain piping" or "tub drum trap", or "bathroom drains" (Google with & without the quotation marks) to try to get diagrams of these systems so you can picture in your mind how they work.
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    Sometimes (rarely) its the vent stack that is at fault. If it's causing too much suction, it is taking that "weir" water (the stuff left it the P trap) along with everything else and allowing the "sewer" smell to come up. If it is clogged (leaves, debris, etc.) it will also not draw properly.

    Just another thing to check.

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