Hi guys, I would appreciate any help! I installed a couple of new construction 3 inch Halo recessed IC lights before the drywall was put in without checking connection first (there was a big time crunch) and conduit going to a switch box to which I have access to from the back of the wall. Knowing that the cans were going to be covered, I checked all the connections a million times and am positive everything was done correctly. When I finally ran the conduit to the breaker box and got everything connected - the lights do not work.

Just for the record, right before that I installed 24 six inch Halo cans and all of them work fine so I kind of thought I knew what I was doing......

There is power coming to the switch and going out to the lights, the neutral wire also has power going back. The wires that are peeking through the top of the can lights also have power through them. I used three different switches to make sure it's not a switch problem. I also tried different light bulbs.... I am out of ideas.... Does anybody know if there is a fix for it? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!