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    Default wallboard damaged during wallpaper removal

    After pulling down wallpaper, left with hairy mess due to large sections of the paper on the wall board being pulled off. I know, didn't prepare properly.
    Have been told to apply oil based primer, then texture and this will take care of the problem?! In this room, probably 65% or more of the drywall is affected.

    Short of replacing the drywall, any suggestions?



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    Default Re: wallboard damaged during wallpaper removal

    Skim coating would probably be your best option. After skim coating seal with PVA primer and if you are going the wallpaper again, coat with 2 coats of Kilz oil based primer first. It provides much better seal and would eliminate the need for sizing. It also allows removal later without damage.
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    Default Re: wallboard damaged during wallpaper removal

    It can be a hassle repairing drywall after the wallpaper is stripped.

    Sometimes, the damage is so extensive that it may be necessary to
    take off the damaged drywall and install new. With my clients,
    I sometimes have to give them the bad news - that in their case, it is cheaper to install and finish new drywall than spend too many hours repairing the old.

    However, as the homeowner, you may prefer to deal with the damage yourself, so time may be less of a consideration.

    I have developed a system for doing this kind of repair, but I will have to admit that, while it does work, it is kinda tedious and not much fun.

    If you would be interested, you can read about it here.


    Good luck.

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