Hi everyone , new member here .
I have been a big fan of TOH ever since the day it aired .
I was in new home construction for more then 20 years until a injury forced me to retire early .
Then about 6 years ago with lots of time on my hands i decided to build again but on a much smaller scale .

I loved building houses so i decided why not build homes for the birds but step it up a notch or two .
So that is how i came up with the idea of Extreme Birdhouses .
I have built 97 birdhouses so far and they are all made from 80 - 150 year old reclaimed barn wood .
They range from 2 ft square and go up to 9 ft wide by 9 ft tall.
My largest birdhouse has 103 rooms , 32 dormers , 14 different roofs , fly through tunnel and weighs about 500 lbs .

I also build other lawn ornaments using reclaimed wood including old discarded branches for rustic arbors .

Here is a link to some of my work , hobby


Thanks for looking !