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    Default wireless doorbell hack

    I want to install a wireless door chime, but the buttons that are available for them are pretty ugly. Is there a way to hook up a 'wired' doorbell button to the wireless transmitter? I assume both have just a momentary switch. Can I just crack the case for the wireless transmitter and wire the switch for the 'wired' button to it? That way I can embed the wireless transmitter in the wall and only show the nice looking button.


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    Default Re: wireless doorbell hack

    well i dont know awhole lot about the wireless transmitter, but i wouldnt suggest "burying it" in the walls!!

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    Default Re: wireless doorbell hack

    Most of the wireless buttons that I've seen are not much larger than a standard button. The reason for the larger size is room for the battery, usually an AAA or sub-AAA.

    You could do what I like doing, and that is to mount a much larger box on the wall with just a finger sized hole in it. Guests must stick their finger into a blind hole to push the button. The first benefit of this system is that you won't have to look at an ugly button, the second is that few people will be willing to put their finger someplace they can't see.

    Ok, so I don't really do that, but I did buy my mother a standard doorbell for Christmas many years ago. Being the smar-T-pants that I am, I wired up the chime inside the wrapped box with a button hole and an extension cord hanging out. The instructions said to plug it in and put your finger in the hole. It took about 10 minutes of convincing before mom would do it. We all had a great laugh during and after her "opening" of this gift.
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