My question is two-part. I am renovating a condo bathroom, and have removed the peel and stick tile, a layer of linoleum and a 1.5 inch leveler, gypcrete (sp?) layer down to the plywood. I removed the old one and the flange is above the plywood by an inch since it used to rest on the gypcrete. The plywood seems solid, the flange is screwed down into the subfloor with 4 large screws. There were two blocks of 1 inch wood beneath the toilet bolts under the flange, I think supporting the whole thing!

Should I add wood underneath the flange where ever possible for support and get my durock sheet as close to the flange as possible? Maybe extra mortar for support? In hind sight I would have left the gpycrete alone, but now have to plow ahead.

Any advice is appreicated! Thank you much!