Does anyone have any insights on how to properly prepare and paint a bathroom that is the only bathroom in the house? I am in the process of applying drywall self-adhesive tape to the joints of the walls which separated over the years and am using drywall compound to repair the areas. I then plan to address the walls by repairing any small "dings" with drywall compound, prime, and paint. My issue is that this is a time intensive process and I am wondering how to best avoid primer and paint cracking / peeling. This is the only bathroom in the house and, therefore is in daily use for showers during this process. Is it ok to leave the sanded and "ready to be primed" drywall compound open to the air before priming and painting despite the moisture? I plan to let the area dry out before priming (let cure for 4 hours) and painting (let cure for 12 hours. Is this adequate or am I way off base? Thanks for your help.