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    Thumbs up gas for kitchen cooktop

    Have gas in house but not in kitchen. Is it feasible to have line put in from attic ( 2 story home) to kitchen using the outside wall? What should I expect in costs from plumber? Or do I just go with and induction cooktop? ( Texas)

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    Default Re: gas for kitchen cooktop

    We had gas "plumbed" / stubbed to several areas in our house before I finished off our basement (easier access) and are now putting in a gas cooktop too. I can't wait to get rid of the electric piece of *(!xt!

    Yes, they can run gas where you need it. One of my "stubs" ended up requiring the use of flexible stainless steel gas line. It wasn't cheap, but it got where it needed to go.

    I'd call a few certified installers in your area and get a quote. This is one I would not try doing yourself!

    Good luck, Tim

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    Default Re: gas for kitchen cooktop

    It cost my brother 2 grand to have gas pipeing installed for his stove.You would have to really like a gas stove for cooking in my opinion.

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