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    Default PVC or HD poly Exterior trim?

    My back door, on the outside trim has mold growing and rot at the bottom of the jamb. My question is, can I get PVC or HD poly. plastic exterior trim? And who carries it?

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    Default Re: PVC or HD poly Exterior trim?

    Hardie makes some trims, 4" and 6" that I know of. There is another product called Fypon, but generally not available at bix box stores.

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    Default Re: PVC or HD poly Exterior trim?

    I think PVC is the best choice for it, its really working good and amzing

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    Default Re: PVC or HD poly Exterior trim?

    harti's trim is a poor product, heavy and brittle it dowsnt sell very well, they have had to cut back production

    as for pvc. its slowly becoming the norm on many homes. we use it heavily both for windows, cladding decks and for fascia. though pricey its a great product. Azec is the best known brand home depot is begginning to carry it but only in short lengths. most siding suppliers will carry it as well. if you do go this route be sure to use stainless steel nails. galvonized nails will bleed and stain the product
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