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    Default hanging upper cabinets without studs

    Must I position my cabinets so that each end is up against a stud? Unless the cabinet is 16 inches wide, how could I do that? If there is, for instance, one stud down teh middle of the cabinet, is that sufficient? If not, what can I do properly hang them?

    These are cheap cabinets in a laundry room, and wont be holding much weight.


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    Default Re: hanging upper cabinets without studs

    Studs are generally 16" on center, so it's usually not too difficult to snag at least two studs with a single cabinet. If you have multiple cabinets, then connecting the cabinets together as well as attaching them to the wall makes them all share the load and attachment points.

    If in fact you can only attach to a single stud, then the weight that the cabinet can handle will be seriously compromised.
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