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    Default Flood control ??

    considering both below noted system to prevents future city sewer water backing up into lower level shower/toilet.

    any opinion as to which system might work better?


    1st system:

    2nd system:

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    Default Re: Flood control ??

    I am not a fan of installing these check valves in wastewater lines, with that being said, I would think that cast iron body with the red brass check plate would be the easiest to maintain, however you will not be able to snake your line through the check valve with out getting hung up in the valve. I am not sure that the added expense for the bypass and the ejector pump is warranted, as a backed up city sewer main line usually gets resolved quickly. Is there a history of the city main backing up often? If so I would think that some pressure on the city to correct the problem in their main line to prevent future backups is neeeded.
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