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    This question might be a little diffrent from what you see here. I was at my neighbors the other day helping with a small engine problem.Before I left his friend stopped to see how we were doing,but before I left they wanted to show me a green house they had built using new triple and dbl.pain windows that they were able to get from a Co. that was going to distroy them due to the wrong size.The guys did a nice job making wood frames for the glass . My concern or question is weather the windows are safe to be using them as a roof? There isn't much pitch .I think the roof window's are about 5'x6'. It look's to me like they are sagging inward already with out any snow load. I didn't say anything to the guy's at the time but sitting here tonight I started thinking about what a great use of that new glass was. But I am concerned about their safety. Are there special window's that should have been used for a green house or sun room roof ?

    Thank You, Chuck
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