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    We have a cememt patio on the west side (back) of our house. The house is a dark red brick and gets very hot during the summer. We want to cover the deck, but aren't sure the best way to attach the roof rafters for the deck roof into the roof rafters of the house. Can anyone help?

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    You will have to post some pictures to get a good answer for your question i think it's kind of vague and that's why you don't have any replys! I will try to help from what i think your asking! I think you will need to take the facia board off and slide the rafters in under the roof sheathing of your home to let the new rafters hand out over your deck! This is not an easy project! good luck!

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    Just scab the new rafters on to the side of the existing roof rafters - an alternative way would be use metal joist hangers attached to the gutter board.

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    You might also want to consider a deck awning. That way you dont have to deal with the expense and fuss of building a new roof. It would give you the shade and the rain protection (from the top anyway). It would cost a lot less, too. If you go with this option be sure to shop around a lot for the features you want.

    Check out the link below for some ideas.

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