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    Question:Have a 14 yr old 50 gal oil-fired water heater. Water has rust. Full Description:Planning to change to an indirect heated one. Which is better, tank in tank, like a thermos, or one with a coil? Thanks.

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    Beause the stainless steel tank in tank has more heat-exchanging surface, it is considered more efficient & should heat the domestic HW more quickly with less fuel usage.

    Triangle Tube Phase 3 is a class act, but there is also the Weil-McLain **** Plus (also made by Triangle), Lochinvar Squire, TFI Everhot and Viessmann Verticell---get an install estimate for all of them before you buy---you'll save a ton of $$$ by getting rid of the oil-fired WH, plus you'll get rid of the need for the extra flue, which also loses heat up the chimney.

    The Amtrol Boiler Mate is a coil design that I've had good luck with & costs less than the tank in tank models.
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