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    Question old door help

    ok... I have this 100 year old door that was exteror. I have replaced the glass and molding, sanded and sanded. My problem is this. The door is going to be placed on the INTEROR of our home, was to wide, so it has been cut to fit..however... we have a hole that needs to be filled where the old lock was, if it was really small I would use wood filler, but it is a good size, so how do I fix this or can I?


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    Good news, this is a fairly easy fix. Do you have any extra pieces of wood that might match the door. Maybe when you worked on the mouldings you saved them?

    I would get some of that wood and in the flat grain, cut a shape that matches your hole. Carefully fit it to the hole making sure you have the grain of the plug parallel to the grain of the door. Leave the plug proud of the hole, so you can sand it to the exact level of the door. Once you feel good about the plug, use a good glue to put it in place. It should take stain just like the original. If you are going to paint, the replacement plug does not have to be matched so carefully.

    Good luck,

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    Question Re: old door help

    Thank you very much.
    Only what if the hole isn't perfectly round, how do I get it to match? I am painting so it doesn't have to be perfect. Another thing is I would like to use some of the old hardware, how do I clean all the years of rust and age (brown)off of it. I have tried a toothbrush and toothpaste, and it DOES work however... I would be there another 100 years trying to clean it. I even tried baking soda and hot such luck.
    Thanks for your time.

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