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    Default Driveway/Garage threshold

    My asphalt driveway is crumbling where it meets the cement threshold of my garage. The culprit is water dripping down over the years from the gutters. There is a small void on one side of the garage door frame I've tried to fill in with sand but this is just a quick fix. There is also a hollow sound when I tap around the threshold. Fortunately I only use the garage for storage so I'm not concerned about the weight of a car on this area. What is the best way to prevent any real damage?

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    Default Re: Driveway/Garage threshold

    Divert the water run off to keep it out from under the asphalt and garage footings. Chip up a section of the asphalt, fill the void, lay new asphalt over the patch area.

    The void can be filled with the chipped up asphalt or gravel or compacted soil.
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