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Thread: Noise in Pipes

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    As my toilet finishes filling there is a moaning or groaning noise from the pipes. I assume some sort of air in lines. If I am running water in the sink next to the toilet there is no noise. Please advise as to how to eliminate the noise.

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    Probably it's coming from the ball cock washer.

    As the ball, or float, rises, it moves a lever; the short end of that lever is what presses down on the washer that seals against a seat, thereby shutting off the water.

    As the lever pushes the washer to nearly closed (toward the end of the fill cycle), the washer can begin to flutter, or chatter, rapidly. This causes the moaning vibration you're hearing.

    Often, you can fix it by simply removing the lever to expose the washer, which you can flip over to the other side, and, in the process, make sure there's no debris in the whole assembly.

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