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    Default Plasma TV - Lights flickering

    Hi There!

    I HAVE A 52" Plazma that run's off a 15 amp breaker whenever it changes scene's my hall light plus 3 basement light's flicker, turn off the TV and everything is ok,do these TV's pull that much power? Could it be a weak breaker? All wires in the panel box are tight. also i had to replace a couple light switch's and when i pulled the switch's out of the box one fell apart in my hand and the other one was a little fried all switch's and plugins are backstabed could this be the problem? Thank's in advance.
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    Default Re: Plasma TV - Lights flickering

    well i dont know exactly what your plasma tv draws. however ive heard there not that efficient, espically larger ones. If your problem is only occuring when your tv is on, id say that is your problem. would it be hard to run another wire to the tv and just put all your tv and accessories on its own cirucit?? that what i do when im wiring houses for people.

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