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    Default Pex Tools, where can I buy them???

    I am interest purchasing the manual PEX tool for expanding and crimping fittings on PEX tubbing. I searched the web and can't find one. All I see is the cheap version and the battery one which is out of my price range. I want the one Richard likes on TOH.

    Thanks for your help in advance, Jeff

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    Default Re: Pex Tools, where can I buy them???

    it depends on the type of pex pipe system you wish to use zurn or wirsbow have different systems rigid makes a zurn style reed makes one the zurn style can be found at home depot and lowes and it along with the others can be found from plumbing wholesalers or contact manufacture website. I like wirsbow or unipor system best but the zurn style is much easier to find.

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    Default Re: Pex Tools, where can I buy them???

    I know that for Wirsbo/Uponor, you have to be a "certified" installer for the full warranty; otherwise I think it's one year. When I got certified 10 years ago, it amounted to going to the local plumbing supply house and being trained.

    I'm guessing you'd have to go to a wholesaler to get the Wirsbo tools & fittings. I've seen Qest tools & fittings at retail shops & big-box stores.

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