Question: what is involved in painting over a previously stained hardwood floor (about 33 square ft)? -- time, expertise, tools, type of paint, process --

details of situation:

We have a small (approximately 33 square ft.) powder room in which we installed stained canadian pine hardwood flooring. This was done by a contractor while we were out of the house. when we returned, we found the that the stain was the wrong color/shade and the contractor vanished.

we are interested in a "chocolate brown" color

we considered re-staining the floor, but, even with the small square footage, it is prohibitively expensive. Also, it seems that we may not be able to get a good color-match even if we did so.

That said, we are looking into painting the floor and are getting conflicting advise and scenarios of how to do it and how long it will last, etc.

the floor company said that, though they do not paint floors, we did not have to sand the floor down to the wood and then fill cracks, prime, re-sand etc. He said that all we had to do was to lightly sand the protective top-coat (some kind of water-based product) to "roughen it up" enough to bond "porch" paint. We would then lightly sand and add some protective coating over that.

We would greatly appreciate some solid advice from someone with experience in this area.

thank you very much.