I need staining experts to chime in....I'm refinishing a kitchen table. It was a light honey oak color, I'm wanting it to be a very very dark brown. I sanded off all the color till it was bare wood, now I'm staining with the darkest stain I could find short of black, and the color is NO WHERE NEAR what I want. I'm beginning to think that it won't get any darker since now, every time I apply a coat of stain, it doesn't seem to change color at all.

I spoke with a guy who does woodworking as a hobby, he had pieces that he stained himself that are the color I'm looking for. He said to apply stain to the desired color, DO NOT wipe off the excess, and just let it dry. It'll take a week to dry, but it will dry and then I can polyurethane and I'll have my color.

This goes against everything I've heard about stain. Can anyone give me their opinion about it?

Thanks so much!! Melissa