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    Default Mantel for fireplace help please.

    Hi, new to this board and hope to get some help. We bought a house but were not in yet so we been trying to decide n what we want to do when we get in, one thing I would like to do first is add a mantel to our fireplace because I think its boring as is, the problem is the fireplace is in the corner (odd place) so were not sure how we can do it so it looks nice so im hoping for some help. I am including a picture so you get a idea on what im looking to do. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Mantel for fireplace help please.

    Short of tearing the fireplace out what materials were you wanting to use?

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    Default Re: Mantel for fireplace help please.

    That's sure a tough location to do much with.

    You could make a torsion box type of mantle for above the stone and maybe dress it up with some molding. Make sure the base is bolted tight and firmly to the studs. Use lag bolts and a 2x4 to hold things to the wall. Nail some molding under the mantle and you may have something you like. Use your imagination. It shouldn't cost much and will look substantial.

    Look up torsion box on the internet to see how to make one. They're simple but a picture would be worth a thousand words from me.

    Good Luck.

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