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    Default Boiler Overpressuring 3x daily

    Hopefully someone can give me some tips on what else to check... My boiler (which heats my hot water and supplies hot water for my baseboard heaters) is overpressuring 3 or more times daily. I have a plumber scheduled for later this week but need some ideas on what to expect. Here's the status so far:

    Overflow tank is drained 3x daily with valve from boiler to overflow shut off everytime I drain it.

    Water source to boiler (but not for hot water that circulates) is shut off(!) - originally though auto-refresh valve was faulty

    Boiler re-pressurizes within 5 hours even with water source shut off.

    Question: can anyone give me ideas on what might be wrong? Might my coils have sprung a leak inside the boiler? Any other things that could have gone wrong?

    Thanks for any ideas you have!

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