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    Hello all,

    I have a question about running a washing machine drain vent.
    I have already ran my water supply lines,electric and I have the
    drain figured out,but I have ran into a small problem with the

    the new washing machine location is on an exterior wall and the
    "header,top plate" of the wall is made up of two 2"x8".
    If I cut enough out of the 2"x8"s to get a 1-1/2 PVC up where
    I can go though the roof for vent, I think it's code here in
    Mississippi that the vent has to go above the roof.

    I thought about running the vent off the 2" drain just as it
    goes outside the wall and using a "pvc "y" and strapping it to
    the exterior of the house,doing it this way I would run into
    the overhang.

    Thank for your help!!!

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    I would recommend that you don't cut into the header , instead route the vent pipe over to the left or right of the header.

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