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    Quote Originally Posted by canuk View Post
    If an ice damn occurs it is an indication enough warm air or radiant heat from the interior is reaching the underside of the roof.
    More than likely this is from the existing part of the house. You might be able to correct this from the old attic as well as the new attic.
    That is part of the reason why I wanted to insulate the area in question. The other part, naturally, was because of the soaring oil prices. (3.49 per gallon here in New Hampshire) We will be having some cold nights at this old house come winter.

    The rest of the house seems to be pretty well insulated. Hopefully what I have done will do some good on saving a little heat and lessen the chance of any more ice dams.

    Really appreciate your help with this. Thank you!

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    Glad to .... hope it works out.
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