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    Default Stair Railing Post in Sandstone

    I want to install a railing going up my front porch steps. What is the best way to anchor the bottom post into a sandstone stair thread?

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    Default Re: Stair Railing Post in Sandstone

    Using a good quality hammer drill drill the appropriate amount of holes, install lag shields and lag bolt galvanized bolts to secure the railing.

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    Default Re: Stair Railing Post in Sandstone

    Stainless steel bolt set into a masonry-specific epoxy.
    Sandstone is quite soft and holes in it are prone to start cracks/fissures. The epoxy is especially critical if it is a vertical hole (water trap).
    Stainless is so there's no chance ever of rust staining, or rust expansion blowing apart the stone.
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