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    Default Broken spindle and wobbly banister

    Our house is 95 years old. We have an oak staircase with a broken spindle and a wobbly staircase. Any ideas on how to repair these problems would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Broken spindle and wobbly banister

    Generally there are two major causes for a staircase to wobble. One cause is the settling of the house or sagging floors. Jacking and shimming can help alleviate this problem. The second is the connection between sections of the railing. If you check the under side of the railing at the joints you will generally find a hole on each side of the joint, in one hole is the head of a bolt and in the other is a nut on the other end of that bolt. By tightening the nut you tighten the joint. The broken spindle may either be repaired or replaced. If it is a standard spindle you may be able to find a replacement on line or you will need to find a turner to duplicate it.
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