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    Question Michigan bench walls

    Does anyone no anything about michigan bench walls and how are they made. This is what we were told that we have in our basement. We are currently having our basement waterproofed and they are saying that we have no footer for michigan bench walls. Is this true? They also said that they can only go so far down before they would undermind the foundation.

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    Default Re: Michigan bench walls

    I'm unfamiliar with the term "michigan bench wall" ...... so guessing it may be a foundation support system.

    The bench system I'm famailair with is a type of underpining used when piering is not practical ..... by digging down away from the external wall. Depending on the depth, the created ledge will extend under the footing and foundation wall creating small benches.
    It is also used when lowering a basement floor below the existing level of the foundation footings.

    It's not clear what the waterproofing contractor is doing that will undermine the footings.
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