Im in the process of purchasing an 18th century farmhouse, and am not sure if its a good idea. The walls are in a horrible condition. The "plaster" is flaked, peeling, and basically a complete mess. Theres no other way to describe it. I referenced 18th century plaster, and it may be the combo of the chaulk, glue and water mix that is peeling off. In some areas, if you touch it, it turns to dust.

There are a 1000 layers of paint, patchwork that didn't "stick" and sheets are peeling off.

Is this something that a homeowner can repair, or do you have to hire a contractor to come in and replace everything?

Im pretty handy, and look forward to long hours that will eventually show. (I dont think I can make it look any worse). However, I am not sure if this is possible by myself.

Any advice to what this "stuff" is, and how to fix it is appreciated.