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    Default shear-wall & plumbing

    Hi all
    we are doing a remodel on an 1890's Italianate and have a bunch for shear-walls that need to be put in, I opened one fot he walls and the upstairs bathroom drain and two water line are inthat wall...will that be a problem in shearing that wall?

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    Default Re: shear-wall & plumbing

    Welcome to the wonderful world of remodeling.

    You can cut the walls if you're sure they're not a load bearing wall. Be sure about this though, you don't need the rest of the house sagging there.

    The plumbing is a nuisance and you'll be tearing out more walls than you thought and maybe some flooring if you want to move the pipes. If it were me, I'd be talking with a plumber right about now. Water problems are not something that you want to have, once the job's done.

    Good Luck.

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