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Thread: My new swamp

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    Default My new swamp

    About 8 months ago my neighbor decided he wanted to add a water feature to his back yard. I should be note that his backyard slopes down towards my front yard. So, 22 feet later and he has a small mountain that is very pretty from his side, however he has decided to leave it bare on the side facing my home. No permits, cutting 15" into my property, removing my trees, and damaging my lawn. Only Recently was I able to get some help from the county and now he will soon answer for his actions in court. This, sadly, is not the issue, well not the only one anyway. The problem is he has removed trees, brush, and grass that would normally slow the drainage of storm water from his property. The result is a 20" ravine that follows the base of the rear facade of the new mountain into my front yard. When it rains it now floods my entire front lawn, and because it has been so long the ground is over saturated and cannot dry. I have spoken to my county storm water reps and the building inspector, they seem to think that you cannot add any additional elevation to the yard due to fear of runoff into the street. Their solution is simply removal of the existing grass and replacing it with sod. Is that enough? I had seen an episode of TOH, where a catch basin was created at the rear of the property to collect the storm water. However, this is my front lawn and truthfully the only grass I have. My thought is to remove enough soil to add a crushed rock base with a layer of sand and then a final layer of topsoil before I seed and straw. This way I can utilize the excess water to my advantage. My questions are...
    Is sod a better decision than seeding?
    Will it matter what kind of seed I want to plant? Is one better than another?
    Will it be enough to simply replace the grass or should I follow my plan?
    Is my plan even close to what you'd suggest?

    Any advice you can give me would really help.

    Shawn N
    Atlanta, Ga
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