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    Default Crown molding

    Looking to add some crown to what will be my man room.
    It will have the old feel of the house (1899 Victorian) but I want it to be manly also (I don't really consider Victorian manly per-say ).

    I want to do a beefy molding and thought about actually doubling it up with a 1x4 box. Basically we would take two 1x4s make an "L" shaped 1/2 box, put that in the corner. The put crown on both sides of it. I've seen this done in a local Colonial house and it had a great look.

    I need ideas / suggestions / comments / etc. What do you think?

    Here are a few shots of the room as it sits now. Sorry I didn't get all the way up to the ceiling. But there is a picture rail about 1 & 1/2 feet from the ceiling (12 foot ceilings). The room will be a dark brown with white trim.

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