I have a 15 year old home with a propane furnace for gas-forced air heat. The problem I have is that the duct system was poorly designed for the walk-out basement level, so the 2 rooms (and bath) on that level are very cold in the winter. I've had my HVAC contractor try to find a way to improve it, but he's given up.

I need to install supplemental heat in those rooms, and I'm considering 2 types of electric heat: one is from a company called "Hydro-Sil" and it's essentially baseboard heat with silicone as the medium in the pipe rather than water. The other is radiant "cove" heat, which is installed near the ceiling rather than the floor.

I'm looking for advice on this - am I looking at the right alternatives, and is there a significant difference between these two? I'm leading toward the radiant cove heat.

Also, these both come in either 110 or 220V varieties, and I suspect that running 220V to those rooms would cost me a small fortune. I think 220 is more efficient, but I may only have access to 110. Am I wasting my time to install this with 110V?