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    Default knock down over popcorn?

    What would be the problem of doing a knock down texture over popcorn? I have a house full of furniture and carpet and don't want to sc**** the popcorn. I was thinking of painting the popcorn to keep it from mixing in the ceiling texture and then doing a knock down texture on top. Anyone see a problem? My house was built 1986.
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    Default Re: knock down over popcorn?

    Not gonna happen. Besides needing to cover everything to spray texture and repaint anyway, you need a relatively flat surface for knockdown texture.
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    Default Re: knock down over popcorn?

    Your idea won't work, even a little bit. Normal popcorn is as much as 1/8" in depth and knockdown is less than 1/16", if that. You couldn't spray enough texture to knock down. It'd be a real mess.

    Talk to some contractors who specialize in popcorn removal. A good one will come in, take out every piece of furniture, and sc**** the ceilings, throughout the house. Some of the ones that I've seen have a long handled sc****r that has a vacuum attached to the sc****r blade. As it sc****s, the vacuum sucks up the junk, keeping the mess to a minimum. Then they move the furniture back inside. Faster, cleaner, and easier.

    Most of them will be able to texture the ceilings too, unless you want to do it yourself.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: knock down over popcorn?

    i agree your just going to have to take it off the knock down wont sit right on top of popcorn

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