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    Default Moisture Prevention in Basement

    We own a vacation condo in Lenox, MA that is a split level with a finished basement. When my father lived there, he would run a de-humidifier in the basement during the summer to prevent mold. He later installed an A/C system the pretty much took care of the problem as the AH unit is located in the basement.
    Since we are only there for a weeks or so every other month, I was wondering what the best way was to minimize the humidity/moisture in the basement to prevent mold while we are not there.

    I had an HVAC contractor recommend we leave the upstairs door open to the basement and set up a few box fans on a timer to just circulate the air. My thought was to see if I could have a timer installed on the air handler and just run the fan a few hours a day (without the A/C) to circulate the air from the basement throughout the rest of the unit. There are operable windows on the basement level that I typically keep closed.
    Please let me know your thoughts and recommendations. As you can imagine, we are looking for a cost effective solution.

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    Default Re: Moisture Prevention in Basement

    Could you not just have a dehumidifier running while you're not there?
    They can have the holding tank removed and run a hose to a drain.

    Or leave the door open and leave the fan for the HVAC running to keep the air circulated.

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    Default Re: Moisture Prevention in Basement

    Yeah, run the dehum.
    Fungi/mold needs moisture, organics (wood) and a nice dark environment.
    If the home gets excessively humid and the lights are off, pushing the air around with fans may not be adequate - as you're just moving the moisture around.
    The simple solution is the dehum, as it will turn on and off as needed.
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