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    Default Controlling Humidity without HVAC?

    Is it possible to control the humidity in my house without an A/C unit. I ask because a lot of people don't have AC units in their homes. I've been told that because I'm not living in my house yet, that is the reason moisture may be builing up into my house. Well, I'm working on adding a moisture barrier under my house and increasing ventilation in the attic. Once i move in, I'll have ceiling fans installed. I'll probably get window units for AC. I'll use nature gas heaters for heat, but i can't leave these on during the day when I'm not home.

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    Default Re: Controlling Humidity without HVAC?

    You probably already thought of this, but dehumidifiers take out moisture. There are ones where you set what level you want, they come on when the level is above that, and you can connect them to a hose for drainage (or empty a bucket when it fills up.) I wonder why there is moisture when you are not living there. If it's humid outside, okay, but if not, I'd wonder if you have leaks.

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