OK, I want to replace an outlet in my friends house that was burnt out, the outlet burnt out. But here is the problem:
There are 2 service wires coming into the J box, one of which is black, which I've never seen before, and which has 4 wires + ground. The other service wire has the regular 2 wires + ground. Which ever way I configure the wires there is always something not connected, either the wall outlets won't get power or the ceiling light won't get power. So we elected to go with the outlets getting the power. BUT when this configuration is set up the outlet that I'm working on doesn't get any power. So now not only do I not have the ceiling light but the outlet that I was replacing doesn't have any power either which I really don't understand.
The service box says that switch is 15 amps and I put in a 15 amp outlet. I do not have access to the attic so I can't see where anything is going or coming from.
Do you have any suggestions, PLEASE.