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    Default Removing a wall parallel with the joists


    I'm planning a remodel, and I want to take out a wall between the kitchen and dining room (one story house). It is about 9' long, with a door frame right in the middle and a weird 40"x40" cubbyhole I want to turn into a pantry. I think the wall is semi-load bearing. It appears that it was an exterior wall of the original house, and the kitchen was added onto the house. But, the joists run parallel with the wall, so I'm not sure how much load it carries.

    What I would like to do is move the door frame to end of the wall (which would open to the pantry,) leave 30" for a walkway, and then build cabinets out to that walkway. It's okay if I need to put a post in at the edge of that walkway, which would be very near to the center of the wall.

    With the joists being parallel to the wall, could I put a header between the ceiling joists if a header is necessary? Is a header necessary?

    thanks for the help
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    Default Re: Removing a wall parallel with the joists

    I agree when it comes to structures, it's always best to call a professional to determine what exists. We can't see from here if the new addition rests on that wall or if the roof is being supported on there as well.
    When posts for structural loads are used they must have a point load carried down to either the foundation or to a footing.
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