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    Default entertaining in a small space

    I don't have the biggest home, but everyone always manages to gather here during the holidays. Do you entertain in a small space? How do you manage serving food, drinks, and keeping people comfortable? Are there any great space saving items out there for entertaining guests?

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    Default Re: entertaining in a small space

    Yup, I have lots of experience. Ive regularly entertained 20 people plus in a place that will sit at least 12 people on my main level by expanding to my patio and throwing out some chairs. I do it with bamboo serving trays and buffet style meals. The Bar may be set up in my laundry room which is right off my kitchen.

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    HI there,
    First of all I would like to tell you that I have a small apartment too, I've made the arrangement for my entertainment like this, I have every thing convert-able my bed, sofa and other sitting arrangements.Also when there is party we just put everything on the center table and enjoy a self service.


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    Default Re: entertaining in a small space

    These may be obvious but (1) tiered serving pieces (think vertical to save space), (2) easy to eat meals and/or finger foods if there isn't enough seating, and (3)spread out your "stations" (drinks, main course, dessert) in different rooms or areas to prevent traffic jams. I always push my dining room table against the wall to make a buffet table (my dining room could never fit both a table and buffet/side table), which has the added advantage of opening more mingling space in the dining room. I've also seen people tuck a pair of square ottomans under a console table that can then be pulled out and used for seating or as a place to set one's drink. If, of course, you have room for a console table (I do not).

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