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    Question hydronic heater installation

    i had hyronic electric baseboard heaters installed and the one in my bedroom is installed on an inside wall.

    The room doesn't get warm enough.

    Can I make a case for my electrician to put it on the outside wall under the window?

    He doesn't think it will make a difference and I don't want to pay extra for him to move it.



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    Default Re: hydronic heater installation


    Could you provide more info as to why the electrician is balking---did he offer a reason for not installing it on the outside wall under the window---was there an issue of being able to wire the unit on the outside wall???

    Could you also provide room dimensions L X W X H, your general location, type of room (lots of glass, over a garage, etc., good insulation?)

    Can you read the wattage rating on the unit (or the btu/hour rating) somewhere on the unit??

    Sounds like the electrician messed up by improperly installing it on an inside wall or put in the wrong-sized unit (undersized).

    Baseboard units heat more evenly when they are placed on an outside wall, since the cold air coming off the wall & window will provide natural air currents to distribute the heat in the room.

    If the unit he put in is too small, you'll need a larger unit to adequately heat the room.

    If the electrician works for someone, go over his head and talk to the boss---they should make good on the installation, unless you have left out some info.

    You can always complain to the Dept. of Business Regulation---but try to work it out with the contractor first.

    The bedroom may feel uncomfortable even if they put in a larger unit on the inside wall--it should be put on the outside wall if at all possible.
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