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    Default Deleting / relocating icon

    Is there a way for website owner to remove or relocate @$%^&*(@! "Get 2 free Trial issues" icon on upper right side of screen?

    It gets awfully anoying everytime I have to move my cursor to that direct.
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    Default Re: Deleting / relocating icon

    Walt, that is a script, as is the advertising banner at the top of the page. Find yourself a script blocker, such as NoScripts and you won't be pestered by that nasty hyper-link ever again. This particular blocker is a FireFox extension, I believe. Nice thing is, it works on ALL websites, so anywhere you go with annoying script generate buttons and ads are now under your control.

    Now all we need is a way to deal with the auto-drop down menus that block the navigation buttons for the forum.
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