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    Default Metal step drill

    I have a stepped bit for drilling through metal caps, but I can't find an extension tool that fits stepped bits that would allow me to drill though metal cross braces several feet down into a wall cavity. Whenever I encounter horizontal metal bracing, I have to place the outlet above the brace--too high to look good. I'm no good with drywall repair, so what to do?

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    Default Re: Metal step drill

    Do you have any sort of extender for this bit?

    I have hex backed hole saws and short (12") extenders. I took an extender to a machine shop and he was able to use the collar with set screw off it on a peice of bar stock (he milled the ends hex) to make me a 6' extender.

    Might be possible to take an existing extender and weld on a longer shaft.

    Your milage may vary.
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    Default Re: Metal step drill

    What size is the shank on your step bit?
    Here are two extenders that will handle up to 3/8" shanks
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