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    Unhappy Exterior Plumbing leak again

    About two years ago we attempted to fix the leak coming in from the plumbing crack in the vertical foundation wall. We hired plumbing crews, dug the dirt away from the foundation, and discovered that the sewer pipe was broken. Then we/they fixed the pipe, re-tarred the exterior of the foundation, replaced the clogged drain pipes at the foundation base, replaced the dirt, landscaping, front door steps, and did new cement for the driveway and the garage floor. I probably did not cover absolutely everything that was done. Today my husband called to let me know that now we have water in the basement again coming from the old crack in the foundation under the sewer pipe and this time it is clean tap water. Enough so that he turned the water off to the house to subside the flow. What else can we do besides get this fixed again? Do you know of a good plumbing group to recommend? Do you think this has anything to do with the ground compacting around us? What steps should we take to not have this happen again? I wish you could come and see it to tell us what is really going on and how to get to the bottom of the problem.

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    Default Re: Exterior Plumbing leak again

    Are you saying that your water service is leaking or the sewer is leaking again. If it is the water service then a plumbing contractor, providing they have the equipment, can pull another line through the old one or they can repair it. Same with the sewer.
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