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    Default Exterior Electric Outlets - Waterproofing

    I am re-shingling my house and want to install 2 new exterior outlets. I am also insulating an installing new interior walls so I have easy access to the inside of the sheathing.

    My first concern is water infiltration over the long term. Between a properly installed surface mount or flush mount box, which will be most likely to keep water away from the sheathing?

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    Default Re: Exterior Electric Outlets - Waterproofing

    The exterior/waterproof outlets will have a face plate with a rubber gasket that snugs up to the face of the wall. I'd rather do the flush mount than the exposed box just for esthetics.Using this, you could install a flush mount receptacle and probably be OK.

    If you're really concerned about water getting into the walls, just caulk around the box where it penetrates the shingles. Since you've got access to the back side of the shingles, you're ahead of the game. You could use either a can of foam that will really seal it, or some industrial grade sealant. I'd probably use the foam since it's easy and pretty good.

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