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    Default Surface Mount or Flush Mount Ext Box?

    I am re-shingling my house and want to install 2 new exterior outlets. I am also insulating an installing new interior walls so I have easy access to the inside of the sheathing. My first concern is water infiltration over the long term. Between a properly installed surface or flush mount box, which will be most likely to keep water away from the sheathing?

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    Default Re: Surface Mount or Flush Mount Ext Box?

    Properly gasketed & caulked, neither method is more prone to leaks than the other.

    I never install surface-mounted boxes unless I have to (such as on an existing masonry wall. The surface-mount box, combined with a Weatherproof cover that allows the cover to be closed with a plug inserted, sticks out 5-6 inches and is a real eyesore. It is also more likely (than a shallower box) to get knocked into and damaged.

    Just my opinion.


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