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    Default Real estate industry - how to survive?

    How would you judge the profitability of real estate industry?

    Is it time dependent, Tactical, or situational?

    Time dependent as in - more time you've tied up money in real estate more profits you could gain. As real estate value appreciates day by day.

    Tactical as in - Buying or selling the right property at the right time

    Situational as in - not sticking to a preplan but being flexible enough to make real estate investment decisions as and when they are needed.

    Is it maximizing sales or minimizing costs?

    Maximizing sales as in - finding the best buyer, selling to the highest bidder.

    Minimizing cost as in - using low cost alternatives for construction, low cost advertisement, save costs on legal matters.

    Do all matter for survival or is it some matters a lot and some not much?
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    Default Re: Real estate industry - how to survive?


    It's a notable query.

    Well, I must say it would be better to be situational and keep eyes on market conditions.

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    Default Re: Real estate industry - how to survive?

    I think it is both time dependent and tactical, To survive in this industry you need to be a little keen towards responding the opportunities so that you can grab them at time, Real estate industry is blooming with opportunities, no doubt there was a slight drop in the beginning of this year however its again open for the investors.
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    Default Re: Real estate industry - how to survive?

    You cant stay tactical always in business. There are some situations you need to make sudden decision from your gut feeling.

    real estate is a booming and interesting industry u can see its volatile too...

    With economies crashing, real estate is really going through bad phase. But in Long term it'll give great returns as its a scare resource

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