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    Default Moving a gas line

    Does anyone have information as to the cost of moving a gas line, to my hot water heater in the basement, upstairs to the kitchen so that I can use a gas range instead of the current electric one? The distance downstairs would be approx. 14 feet and then upstairs to the kitchen. My plumber is quoting over $750 to do the job! Please tell me it shouldn't cost that much... Thanks!

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    Default Re: Moving a gas line

    I recommend getting another bid, but thats probably not too far out of line.

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    Default Re: Moving a gas line

    I don't know how it is where you live but here in north florida the local gas companies will do it cheaper then you can get it done from plumbers.

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    Default Re: Moving a gas line

    Depends on what your supply line is now. Is it sized large enough to handle both the water heater and the gas needs of the kitchen? If it's a repipe from the meter to the proper size, then $750 doesn't sound too bad. If it' only adding 14' of pipe, then you need to get other quotes, as this one sounds exorbitantly expensive.
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