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    HI! My name Is Robert i live in Ky. my question is when is the best time to sow grass seed? And what is the best way to seed over your lawn without killing it? Or is it better to start from scratch? I have problem with weeds, dont know what kind they are.

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    Robert, if you have an established lawn, starting over is quite drastic and usually unnecessary. In the fall (best time) or in the spring, over-seed your lawn, fertilize it and water until it is established. Ask your local lawn supply company to suggest a good lawn seed for your locale, and avoid the cheap brands that have weed seed or crop seed in them.

    Once it's been mowed several times, you should determine exactly what type of weeds you have (crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, dandelions, spurge, etc) because the treatment to get rid of them varies by weed. Once you know what to apply, and when, you'll eliminate the weeds without harming the good grass. Just be patient, it may take a few years until you have the lawn you desire.

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