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Thread: CFL Light bulbs

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    Default CFL Light bulbs

    We have two ceiling fans both have four lights and run with a remote. When we replace the standard bulbs with DFL bulbs the lights flicker. If we replace one of the CFL bulbs with a standard bulb it works fine. But the standard bulb burns out quite often. Can anyone tell us why and if there is away to solve this problem?

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    Is there a dimmer associated to these lights?
    If so .... the CFL's need to be rated for use with dimmers.

    The regular bulbs may be going out due to vibration knocking out the filaments

    BTW .....apparently regular CFL's aren't recommended for use vibration areas like fans. Vibration can cause the electronics in a regular CFL to fail.

    One manufacturer recommends one that is vibration resistant ......
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