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    I have a (25 yr old) one-piece Am Standard toilet (3.5 gal flush). Flush valve actuator looks like 2 tubes perpendicular to each other with a disc that covers the hole in the tank. Have replaced the actuator and disc twice and the brass ring seat & washer once, all with Am Standard parts. Still it leaks (did dye test). Situation especially annoying, not to mention wasteful, because a plumber replaced the original (leaky) ballcock with a fluidmaster that treats us to a phantom flush (3 times/hr) when water level goes down 1 inch (it also doesn't fit in the tank properly to allow the tank to fill to appropriate level because of the low profile of the entire toilet), but alas, that's a separate issue. Don't see this type of actuator/flapper problem addressed anywhere in repair info/books. Am at a loss; is there1)a design flaw with this type of flush valve (2)a solution here (3)or do I just need to get a new toilet?

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    They are usually very reliable. The disc may not be seated properly and I'm not sure theat the Fluidmaster is right for your toilet for other reasons. Some American Standard toilets have a design that requires a proprietary ball cock 'cause the tank is thicker at the hole where the ballcock penetrates the tank. The flushvalve gasket that seals the tank may have failed.

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